Join our Christmas fundraising campaign: YOU*TH FOR HER

YOU*TH FOR HER is a one year project proposed to solve unemployment and income-related problems affecting the teenage girls vulnerable to pregnancy, early marriage and gender-based violence in Eastern rural communities of Uganda. 

The project is intended to transform teenage girls’ life in terms of social, economic and behavioral as well as domestic wellbeing of the community at large through guaranteeing them poultry and cattle to rear.

YOU* can contribute individually

Make a donation now on Givingway starting from 5$ for one time or monthly, you’ll be receiving our newsletters with updates about the project’s on the field actions.

You’ll also get a kit for sharing your commitment on social media and a digital postcard illustrated by Francesca Di Vito to send to your friends!

YOU* can contribute as a company

Does your company want to work on Corporate Social Responsibility? Join our campaign and think about a fair trade symbolic gift for your employees!

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