Great news, dear supporters! Thanks to your donations, we managed to provide 200 vulnerable children in Teso sub-region in Uganda with scholarships and school materials, like uniforms, shoes, books, mathematical sets and so on and even allow them to eat breakfast and lunch at school.

Your donations to Happy Life International were crucial

Thanks to your contribution, in January we were able to visit rural communities and come up with envisioning programs for beneficiaries identification. We surveyed households to identify vulnerable children. We considered indicators like the income of the family, the education level of the caregiver and their employment status. 20 vulnerable children resulted out of this survey. Your contributions allowed us to buy school materials, like books and pens, for 16 children, and uniforms and shoes for 4, and we could pay their school fees for as many as 200 vulnerable children!

How we organised our actions

We also carried out a monitoring system to check the children’s school attendance and reports and their wellbeing through personal interviews with them and their families, community and teachers. School results proved to have increased and the children’s confidence too. We are so happy about it! Thanks to your support we were able to carry out community envisioning and mobilization programs, that were attended by 120 persons, 70 women and 50 men. 200 beneficiaries were counted. The needs assessed on that occasion helped us planning and budgeting our activities.

Please donate to keep up the promising results!

Despite our work is giving very promising results, there are still so many vulnerable children in need and people need clothes, communities need repairs, but we need more funds to cover all. Therefore, we ask you to kindly donate any cent you can. It is worth it!

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