Celebrating the International Day of Families 

As Happy Life our goal is to empower vulnerable people, children, women and girls in Uganda and on the occasion of the International Day of Families established by the UN to remember how important family is in all societies, regardless of boundaries, religion, skin colors, income and every distinction possible. Family is the nucleus of society, it is its core. Therefore, on this special occasion, we ask for your support to improve the lives of those in rural areas of Uganda

How families should live the day

Today should be a joyful day for families, or at least less hard than the others. Families should enjoy time together, not worry about getting a meal or medicines or gathering the means to live. Especially during this pandemic and the environmental clashes the region is facing in the last years, every coin you can donate is meaningful

For examples, vulnerable girls are often kicked out by their families, so your donation would mean a lot to them, to remind them that we are all connected and someone out there is there for them. We should remember it more often and be kinder to each other and today is the right day to start a new habit, a healthy, generous, peaceful, not expensive one. 

Our commitment as Happy Life International

We work daily for the rural, vulnerable communities, households, children, women and girls providing them with all they need about health, education, livelihood and psychological support, but today your gesture would acquire a whole new, heartfelt meaning. All good intentions have a side effect, though, and in this case we need money to keep up our commitment. Every cent counts, so please donate! 

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