As Happy Life International we are carrying on a project, funded by Shawn Liu, to help children in rural areas in Uganda, in Kapujan, Dakabela (Soroti region) and Katakwi district.

Areas of operation

The aim of our project

Through this project we aim at promoting better services based on the age of beneficiaries and providing hygiene products. We also want to support 100 households that are currently looking for vulnerable children or orphans. We hope to guarantee a stable, long term support inside the communities, which would be able to take care of its vulnerable children and households in the (hopefully near) future.

A critical part of the project is to enhance direct and home-based services for those who can’t afford to leave the house. A crucial point to achieve it is to strengthen these services across the two areas (Soroti region and Katakwi district), above all considering the roads conditions. Not to mention frequent droughts and floods, that impede transportation and ruin agriculture.

The activities have been carried out during 6 months, from November 2020 to May 2021 and have also covered Teso, Busoga, Karanoja and the Western sub-Nile region, where lack of money and HIV are a real issue, causing many children to become vulnerable or orphans. The pandemic has worsened the situation.

The activities we are running

At the beginning, we surveyed the possible beneficiaries and, based on the results of the interviews, we planned activities in a wide range of fields: nutrition, education, health, psychological support and vocational training. We also interviewed our beneficiaries during the project and at the end, in order totrack their perception and our results.

In the following weeks we will give you more details on the project and describe the activities in depth. If you want to contribute to our cause and support vulnerable children and families in Uganda, please donate. Each dollar counts!

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