picture of young girls in a village of uganda

The new year brought very good news! Through the campaign Youth for Her, Happy Life is supporting vulnerable teenage girls in Eastern Uganda to shape their future by starting poultry farms, thus earning an income.

Since the beginning of the campaign, in November 2020, we have successfully raised $237.90 from 10 donors. We used the donations to buy 230 chicks and support 20 girls. The Covid pandemic and the current economic crisis weight heavily on everyone’s shoulder, but something good has happened to these young women thanks to your donations. We appreciate every cent.

There is much more to do for the young girls of Uganda

We are very pleased to support these teenage girls shape a better future for themselves and their children and we are working to provide them with everything they need. This success made our efforts worth the wait and we are happy to see the girls gain hope. We don’t want to stop here. We aim at reaching more and more girls and give them a hand out of poverty, discrimination and difficulty.

Our goal is to support 250 young women. We have a lot to do, but have faith in the good of the world and know some good soul care for the girls. Please continue supporting our Youth for Her campaign that is still on, and more ambitious.

With your help and donations, we can get more and more vulnerable teenage girls out of difficulties. Every cent is important and we appreciate your solidarity. If you can, please donate. With your help, we can prevent these vulnerable girls from forced marriage, abuses and stigma.

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