Today, 25th November, in the occasion of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, Happy Life International is sharing thoughts with you about the recurrence and why we are glad to commemorating it with you and the girls we support, hoping you will support this fight with us.

The International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women

This recurrence started in 1999 with a resolution by the UN General Assembly and its aim is to highlight that women rights are human rights, but many women still experience some kind of prevarication all around the world nowadays.

The date was decided to honour the death of three Dominican activists, murdered while visiting their husbands in prison, so this day has a special meaning for all women.

Our campaign YOU*TH FOR HER

Especially on this special occasion, we are glad to help young vulnerable girls in rural villages of Eastern Uganda by providing them some income by poultry farming.

We are working on a project and a communication campaign that we decided to name YOU*TH FOR HER, as our goal is to give a future to girls that have become vulnerable and subject to abuses due to the pandemic, the shutting of the schools and the consequent lack of income.

To commemorate the Dominican activists and prevent other girls and women from unwanted attention and prevarication, we are helping them start poultry and cattle rearing, in order to sustain themselves and their children.

This would allow them to be independent, avoid leaning on external help and working on their own future. In our highest dreams, the young women would even be able to save money for their children’s education, which would mean educated young people for the area, something everyone would wish for. Hopes are that the future will be brighter for the young women and their children, but also for those around them, raising their ability to understand the world, and maybe even to reduce gender abuse in the communities.

We need your support in helping young vulnerable women

We are putting all our best effort to accomplish this mission, working hard to reach as many young women is possible, assisting them and preparing the road for poultry farming and the future. But we need your help.

You can contribute to our project by making a donation as an individual or as a company. Every dollar raised will be helpful for us!

Here you can find all the information you need to make a donation >

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