As Christmas is approaching, we are launching a new fundraising campaign to sensitize more people on young girls’ compromised future in rural villages of Eastern Uganda.

The goal of the YOU*TH FOR HER campaign is indeed to give back the hope for a better future to vulnerable girls through farming, which will allow them to gain their economical independence and a fulfilling life.

The consequences of the current crisis

In these difficult times, people have been suffering for many reasons. In Uganda, the Covid-19 pandemic and climate disasters like floods and earthquakes left many with no income. Schools have been shuttered for seven months now with no plans to reopen anytime soon.

Without the support system of teachers and school administrators also teenage girls got affected by the crisis, becoming even more vulnerable to pregnancy, early marriage and gender-based violence. The main consequence is that families often leave them alone, with no income and unemployed.

With YOU*TH FOR HER we aim to support these vulnerable girls and give them back their youth and right to a bright future by allowing them to start farming activities, like poultry and cattle rearing. This would provide them the money for food for themselves and their children. 

How you can support young girls in Uganda

We are aware these times are tough for everyone, but we need your help to give these girls the chance to build a better future for themselves and their children, who are the hope and future of an entire community and country. 

The main goal of the project is to improve the preparedness of 250 teenage girls to respond to poverty through poultry and cattle farming in order to reduce socio-economic stigma.

Every donation matters: you can contribute individually by donating on Givingway or as a company, by writing an email to

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